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Wrestling with Ideas is back in full force and we have a very special broadcast! Circumstances occured here in Ottawa with a promotion biting off more then what they could chew and cancelling their show 3 days before the event. In response to this sudden cancellation, C*4 Wrestling and Acclaim Pro Wrestling partnered up to put together this show called "Do The Right Thing". A "Pay what you want" show to prove to fans that Ottawa wrestling is where its at! We want to thank C*4 and Acclaim for bringing us out to the event and giving us permission to record the show!

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Acclaim's next event is the Graveyard Smash at the Dom Putski Hall here in Ottawa. It will take place on October 28th and there will be a costume contest! Information on tickets will be avalible at Acclaim's social media!

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On the latest edition of Wrestling with Ideas, Zach and Alec take you through the big moments coming from Survivor Series including the finish, wow, and 1:26 of the show! The guys also take you through an actual at show review of Smackdown Live! that came through Ottawa, the location of the show!

PLUS, we get the chance to talk to "All Ego" Ethan Page about his time in Evolve, his reaction to the firing of Joey Styles, His time working with C*4 Wrestling, WWE Plans, working as both a promotor and wrestler, and many more. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, We talk to the Creator and Booker of C*4 Wrestling Mark AP to get an update on the status of C*4 Wrestling, if streaming services are an option for the company, the upcoming C*4 show, and more while also getting a booker's perspective behind the decision for Goldberg to beat Brock Lesnar and his thoughts on the brand split so far. A jam packed episode that you certainly don't want to miss!


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Will Macklin is still on the injury reserve but we are not sure if he is legitimately injured or if he is doing a really good sell job. Zach McGibbon however, boy. He took a stiff chairshot to the head that has left him thinking he is on the moon leaving you with Alec Miske and Braeden Mayhew taking over for the RAW! The guys take you through the great, great and great of RAW! Afterwards, Zach McGibbon tries to work through his pain and does an interview with C*4 Wrestling Creator and Booker, Mark AP! Mark goes through the entire WrestleMania 32 card and gives his thoughts on the show and where he thinks storylines are going! Make sure to tune in and see why people have heavily requested to have him come back. The guys finish with some news and ru-mares and more! Make sure to listen in and see why we are the Greatest Wrestling Show on the Planet!

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