Braeden Mayhew now injured himself during a dark match for the RAW review but was able to fight through it for the Interview and Will Macklin is suspended for.... we actually don't know. He may or not be injured according to dirtsheets. Stay tuned for more info. On that note, Zach and Alec take you through Monday Night RAW and the goods, bads, and uglies of the show. PLUS Zach McGibbon and Braeden Mayhew had the honor of interviewing former Smackdown General Manager and manager to many different wrestlers including but not limited to The Undertaker, Ron Simmons, Butch Reed, and Mark Henry! Topics discussed include WCW and whether he enjoyed his time, any early signs of the company's demise, what it was like working under Bill Watts and more! PLUS we talk about his time in WWF/E including his run as a referee, favorite match to ref, how he became the Smackdown General Manager, and his thoughts on the business today! Plus, we take you through the news and rumours in WWE and give a update on the status of the show! 

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