How do you celebrate 50 episodes of Wrestling with Ideas? Why, only 1 of the original hosts! Zach McGibbon is the Big Dog in the yard as Mayhew, Miske, and Macklin are out of action for the 50th episode BUT... Zach has brought in a returning from knee injury Marco Rossi on board to help go through almost 2 hours of show. Gibby and Marco go through RAW and the biggest points coming out of the show PLUS added content including a discussion on the Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet match that has the whole world talking! 

PLUS, We go on the line for a legendary figure in the world of MMA and made his stand in the world of professional wrestling. Of course, Dan Severn comes on to the show and discusses how he joined the WWF with Jim Cornette, What drove him out of the company, What made his contract unique from other wrestler's contracts, where he feels MMA will evolve into, and of course... he addresses a potential 3rd fight with Ken Shamrock.

All of this and more on this special 50th episode of Wrestling with Ideas!

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