On the latest edition of Wrestling with Ideas, Zach and Alec take you through the big moments coming from Survivor Series including the finish, wow, and 1:26 of the show! The guys also take you through an actual at show review of Smackdown Live! that came through Ottawa, the location of the show!

PLUS, we get the chance to talk to "All Ego" Ethan Page about his time in Evolve, his reaction to the firing of Joey Styles, His time working with C*4 Wrestling, WWE Plans, working as both a promotor and wrestler, and many more. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, We talk to the Creator and Booker of C*4 Wrestling Mark AP to get an update on the status of C*4 Wrestling, if streaming services are an option for the company, the upcoming C*4 show, and more while also getting a booker's perspective behind the decision for Goldberg to beat Brock Lesnar and his thoughts on the brand split so far. A jam packed episode that you certainly don't want to miss!


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