Will Macklin is still on the injury reserve but we are not sure if he is legitimately injured or if he is doing a really good sell job. Zach McGibbon however, boy. He took a stiff chairshot to the head that has left him thinking he is on the moon leaving you with Alec Miske and Braeden Mayhew taking over for the RAW! The guys take you through the great, great and great of RAW! Afterwards, Zach McGibbon tries to work through his pain and does an interview with C*4 Wrestling Creator and Booker, Mark AP! Mark goes through the entire WrestleMania 32 card and gives his thoughts on the show and where he thinks storylines are going! Make sure to tune in and see why people have heavily requested to have him come back. The guys finish with some news and ru-mares and more! Make sure to listen in and see why we are the Greatest Wrestling Show on the Planet!

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