A massive show this week with 2 interviews! Before we get started into the interviews, Zach McGibbon and Alec Miske take you through a quick review of Monday Night RAW and all of what transpired including the shocking, surprising, and what? of the show! We then bring back a regular guest to the show, Devon Nicholson, also known as Hannibal. We talk to him about his recent NXT tryout and what happened to make it fall through, if he has plans to go to any other promotion, and the future of the Great North Wrestling promotion and The Hannibal TV Youtube channel. Afterwards we get the chance to talk to the Quintessential Stud Muffin, Joel Gertner about how he was able to join ECW, his dealings with Paul Heyman, His run with the Dudley Boyz, his feud with Cyrus and "The Network" and more! Another interview you don't want to miss. Also stay tuned at the end of the show to hear about our next interview for next week!

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